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About Us

Initially established in the building trade in England, we moved to the Poitou-Charentes region of France over 10 years ago and steadily developed our enterprise: Andrew Quick Building Services, to provide a wide range of building and construction services to cater for our clients.

Still very much a family business, we also employ and manage a number of local artisans and have built up a formidable pool of reliable, qualified, skilful and well mannered staff who are selected to suit individual project needs.

Continually expanding and improving our equipment. We currently own: a substantial amount of scaffolding, a digger, a tile lifting device, tipper truck, a rendering machine and a manitou. This means our project delivery is quicker, more efficient, professional and cost effective.

With our experience, we can offer sound advice on how to achieve your objectives or suggest alternative solutions to your building problem.

If you would like to discuss your current requirements, develop your ideas into a project or help with planning regulations, please contact us through the website, by email or by old fashioned telephone. We will be happy to discuss and participate in all areas of your project.

Please browse our website for examples of our work.